How long will my return take?2023-05-03T19:05:28+10:00

Depending on whether you decide to lodge electronically or on paper, the ATO may need between 2 and 10 weeks to process your taxes. Nevertheless, some tax returns may take longer and require manual checks. If you did your own lodging, you can check the progress of your returns via your myGov account. On average, our clients often get their refund back within days. When it takes longer than expected, we’ll follow-up and keep you updated.

Do I need to lodge a tax return?2023-05-03T19:04:19+10:00

If you’ve produced assessable income for a financial year, you will need to lodge a return. However, certain exceptions may apply depending on your age, the amount of income generated, and your expenses. If your income for the past year is lower than usual, you will still need to lodge your returns to see if you are due a refund. Your best bet is to contact us so we can assess your individual case and offer the best course of action.

Can Cap Taxation help me set up a new business?2023-05-03T19:03:23+10:00

Cap Taxation offers expert advice on business planning and growth. Depending on the type of business you are creating, you will probably need a Tax File Number, an Australian Business Number, and a number of tax registrations that include GST, PAYG withholding, FBT. You will also need to register your business name and get an AUSkey. We can either help you set this up yourself or set it up on your behalf.

What types of services does Cap Taxation offer?2023-05-03T19:01:05+10:00

What started as a tax advisory and consulting agency has evolved into so much more. Beyond handling everything that has to do with taxes, our services now extend to personal and business accounting, SMSF administration and advisory, business restructuring, a variety of business management services, corporate bookkeeping, and audits.

Do I need to come into the office to have my tax return prepared?2023-05-03T19:02:12+10:00

Though we would love to meet you in person, we understand your hesitance to come to our office. Accordingly, you now have the option to simply drop off your paperwork and get a call once it’s ready for you to sign. Alternatively, we offer telephone and online services that you can use from the comfort of your home. A consultant will call you and provide access to our secure client portal as well as any assistance you need to upload, review, and sign all your documents.