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We’ve made it quick and easy to claim tax refund.
All you have to do is complete our simple online form and then sign it.
We will then review your tax for the last four years and be in touch in a week.
If we don’t get you a tax refund, we won’t charge you a cent!

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    Why Choose Us?

    Your Accountant is more than a supplier. They’re a partner in your business success.
    Here’s a few more reasons why you should consider with CAP Taxation.

    • Affordable and fair prices: When you get your books completed by certified professionals for an affordable price, you then get a great value for money.

    • Fast and accurate: We provide accurate financial and business reports on timely basis. Your deadlines won’t be missed anymore.

    • Highly qualified professional: Your accounts will be compiled by certified bookkeepers and accountants with long experience. We guarantee the quality of work.

    • Knowledgeable, responsive and up-to-date: We promote clear communication, regular follow-up and fast response to make our client equipped with latest knowledge and up to date with new business rules, financial regulations, and tax changes, to be able to make right business decision.

    • Confidentiality and professional ethics: We committed a high level of professional ethics, we do care of your privacy assuring your financial records are secure and maintained in a strictly confidential manner at all times.

    • Flexible engagement: We are prepared to provide our services in different type of engagement from hourly and monthly basis to outsourcing services on a short or long term engagement.

    • We help your business grow (beyond bookkeeping): we are committed to provide our clients with more than bookkeeping services. We can play the role of your business advisers in financial matters such as profit analysis, operating efficiency (cost-cut), financial planning and internal controls.

    • Strong customer care: our team of professionals ensure strong client focus and friendly customer care. We work hard to always serve your needs.

    • Honesty and reliability: All financial data will be completed with a soul of integrity allowing for reliable financial reports

    • Regular training and professional development: Our team of professionals undergoes regular training and continuing professional education to capture the latest knowledge and skills in order to provide the best services to our clients.

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    We’d love to hear from you and help with your accounting and tax affairs.

    Email: info@captaxation.com.au

    Phone: 03 9561 7799

    Office: 1/2 Garden Road CLAYTON VIC 3168

    We service clients Australia wide